It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Candice Navi

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Proof that you exist

Proof that you exist is my graphic design MFA thesis. This poster synthesizes my five thesis projects into one final, tangible piece. All five projects explore my identity in relation to physical space. I made four episodes of a live action tv series, two books, one workshop, one monologue, and this poster.

بدش چی شد (What happened after)

بدش چی شد (What happened after) is a docufiction live action tv show about the demolition of my family’s home. There are four episodes that are three minutes each. I contend with my feelings about losing the home—the only physical space through which I can access and engage with my Jewish Iranian ancestry.

Me, as grad student

Me, as grad student is a book of selfies I took during my three years as an MFA student at CalArts from 2018 to 2021. The selfies, which were taken almost every day, chronicle my changing relationship to space: from campus to shelter-in-place.

CalArts Graphic Design Visiting Designer Lecture Series Fall 2020/Spring 2021

These are two posters I made with my peers for the CalArts Graphic Design Visiting Designer Lecture Series. I curated and planned the speaker series for two years; Lyle Ostling and I created the lineup for the 2020-2021 academic year. I designed the Fall 2020 poster with MFA1 Makena Janssen. I designed the Spring 2021 poster with MFA1 Makena Janssen and PMFA Katie Hughes.