It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Sarah Lee

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Where I feel most like myself

Where I feel most like myself is an educational booklet composed of studies exploring two language systems, Hangul and English, through visual systems. Each visual study is about translating, understanding, learning, and communicating language using different layering systems. Through the varying systems, the content and form gradually build on top of each other. There are no page numbers. The reader can either start from the back or front of the booklet reflecting a nonlinear way of learning.

Onomatopoeia Animation

for Rushing Back (MJ Cole Remix) by Flume, Vera Blue, MJ Cole


De-Reconstruction is an experimental film that explores shelter as a temporary state through the passing of time. Deconstructing and reconstructing shelter through a linear horizontal camera movement mimicking a film rolling. This piece is inspired by a quote “life is an aimless wanderer, meeting people, passing through places until you die” from Vagabond (1985). It also examines the physical relationship of the structure to the environment.

Cycle Quadriptych Projection Installation

Cycle is a virtual quadriptych projection installation based on the idea of inversion. This virtual space contains three moving posters documenting the different aspects of shelter. As a viewer walking through the space, you are looking down at the aerial view while it’s projecting on the floor not the ceiling. Thinking about all the places and encounters we have as well as new insights about our subjective attitudes that shape us.