It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Joe Suh

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Agnika Specimen

Agnika is a typeface designed to be an alternative to default typefaces. It fuses references from industrial machinery and influences of the calligraphic hand.


DDON-KKOH is a hand-made, modular, cardboard table that transforms into a shelf. Each piece is hand cut and designed with the intention of quick assembly and disassembly without nails or other adhesives. Existing type was hand registered, printed from a handheld inkjet printer. The type on the table is a reflection from Joe exploring the intersection of a designer’s and a craftsman’s practice, ethnic identity as a second generation immigrant, and the designer’s responsibility to continue creating in an unstable, unknown, yet developing contemporary society.

Tension & Release

Tension & Release is an experimental publication that explores the uncomfortable confrontation between Joe (a product of CalArts), and Hoonho (the persona that preceded Joe). The publication was designed with the experience of unpacking/processing the uncomfortable in mind, as the bulk of the publication stresses on the fragile and unstable sliver of paper binding the robust and complicated object together—a focus on the physical tension of the object and the release of such tension.