It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Jenna Ryu

All Projects

bud:I Project_BI motion

I have made a virtual I-dol group which can be your virtual friend. They can be your only one friend in the world whenever you want wherever you want. There are three members in the group; Havi, Cora, and Ari. Each member has their unique identity. Based on their personality, I made different motions of them.

bud:I Project_BI guidebook

This is A guide book for the bud:I project which explains each member; Havi, Cora, and Ari.

Aquelarre Gonz Camarena Poster

This poster is made to promote live streaming by Gonzo Camarena from Mexico City. His style is very experimental and unique by using digital materials and effects. And I tried to convey his style in it.

Chilseong Saenamgut poster

This is a poster for Chilseong Saenamgut is a new ritual theater shamanic experience where ancestral traditions are transmuted through dance, singing, drumming, and electronic soundscapes.