It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Chandler Sutton

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CalArts Votes

A collaboration with the CalArts’ President’s Office to create branding for the CalArts Votes voting initiative.


A gender-neutral period product company. Menstruation is often associated with women, and I wanted to do something to take step to break that. Menstruation isn’t limited to any gender— women, men, or anyone of any identity can have a period, yet all the advertising and packaging always has slogans like “Girlboss” and pink power. Feeling invalidated by your own body can be challenging, as it is the only shelter you will have your whole life. I also created packaging made of polypropylene, which is a gauze like material. Menstrual packaging often is very loud and indiscreet, and men’s restrooms do not have individual disposal cans. With this packaging, anyone can change pads and dispose in ease and silence— discreetly.

This Is Where I Learned to Drive

Gail had asked the question, “where do you feel most like yourself?”, my answer was easily whenever I’m with my mom. We go on drives every single day, and I wanted to make something to document our drives, as well as a small chunk of my time at CalArts. I created a digital diary of sorts— nowadays, it’s a bigger sign of trust to hand someone your phone than it is your diary. I documented all of 2020, as my quarantine started a bit early when I broke my leg, and driving was the only way to ward off cabin fever. Link here.