It’s Not the End!

The CalArts Graphic Design End Of Year Show 2021


Jada Merritt

All Projects

Ugly Crows

LCreated for Scott Zukowski’s Image Making class, this project involved creating a set of 12 images of a single animal inspired by a particular style or technique. I referenced Robert Crumb, Ralph Steadman, and Chloe Cushman to create a collection of Ugly Crows.

Symbols Zine

The Symbols Project encompassed the creation of over 100 symbols with the purpose of developing conceptual understanding and technical abilities to make meaning with images. I chose a giant squid and my symbols were based on the words: Giant, Fast, Amorphous, Camouflage and Aquatic. This zine explains the methodologies I created to develop my final symbols.

Type Publication

For my Publication Project for Type II, I researched typography used in built environments. I split up my magazine into three sections: type for exhibitions and installations, signage and identity, and architecture.

Ugly Crows

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